Tips For The Solo Traveller

Travelling alone is a great chance to experience new surroundings and cultures.

However, travelling alone for the very first time can be a rather intimidating experience as it has its perils as well.

Our tips for the solo traveller ensure that you are prepared for the trip, avoid any unnecessary mishaps and ultimately enjoy your time away.


Be Prepared

Before you set off ensure that you have a scanned copy of your passport and other important details. Make sure you email a copy to yourself as well as a family member or good friend who you trust. If for any reason you lose any of those things, replacing them will be so much easier.

Have a plan, travelling is much easier when you know where you’re going. Ensure that you know where your accommodation is, have researched how to get there and if necessary rung ahead to let the accommodation provider aware of your arrival time. If you’re unsure it doesn’t hurt to call. Our reservations team are happy to assist with any queries you might have and arrival times help to reduce any possible delays with check ins.


Stay safe

Safety is priority for any traveller. Obviously when out and about it’s best to avoid keeping money and important items in easy to reach places.

When travelling in taxi’s it’s important that you never get into an unlicensed taxi. In Cardiff and Swansea our licensed vehicles display their registration number and County Council license number on it. This may be displayed on the rear bumper of the vehicle. In the event of a problem you will need these numbers.

We take the safety of our guest very seriously and our ASAP accreditation ensures that we are meeting agreed standards and procedures to keep you safe.


Don’t be intimidated

Travelling alone can sometimes be a very lonely experience especially when it comes to eating out. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of eating out, just because you’re alone it doesn’t mean you should miss out on the local cuisine. Our partnership programme gives our guests exclusive discounts to local bars and restaurants so the choice is yours.

However, if you aren’t in the mood to eat out, our serviced apartments all have fully equipped kitchen facilities that gives you the flexibility as a traveller.


Make the most of local knowledge

It can sometimes be hard to find the hidden charms of a city. Don’t be afraid to make the most of your hosts and ask for some local knowledge. Our reservations and guest services team are happy to answer your questions and our website and concierge app have lots of local information catered just for you.

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