How Will Trump’s Presidency Affect UK Tourism?

Like all worldwide news stories, the first question on many business owner’s lips is… will this affect my business sector?

Saturated in controversy the US election has been a trending topic for many months. With Donald Trump’s recent (and some may say surprising) win we ask how this will affect the UK and in particular it’s tourism.

Despite the election occurring across the pond Britain will obviously experience some of the repercussions of the vote.

Much like the outcome from the EU referendum, people are put into a state of uncertainty for what is to come, wondering just how drastically things will change.

Similar to the market turbulence caused by Brexit the US could see a rocky course ahead for their dollar as predicted by Lloyds Bank analysts.

Therefore, with a predicted low in US currency you would assume to see a jump in international tourism to the US. However, with a million Brits rumoured to be boycotting the US with Trump as it’s leader and Airline comparison website reporting a steady decline in searches for America, the leap in tourism is looking less likely.

Ultimately it’s still too early to say how the presidential change will affect tourism but the level of uncertainty may cause holiday makers to delay their travels or even chose an alternative destination.

How does this affect UK tourism?

With rumours of travellers boycotting the states and some Americans looking for a place to escape the UK could be an attractive alternative.

Travel experts like Brandon-Bravo believe this to be’ a double edged sword for the UK economy; while on the one hand a continued slump may negate the impact of the pound’s devaluation post Brexit, it may also deter US travellers from visiting the UK, something the industry here will need to address.’

With the pound hitting a five-week high it looks like we will have to wait and see if this will continue and how it will affect travellers to the UK.


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