Fitness Tips for Business Travellers

Staying fit while travelling away for business can be difficult.

Schedules can be tight and sometimes the last thing you want to do after a busy day at work is head down to the gym.

It’s not however impossible and with the help of a few guidelines staying healthy while away can become second nature.

Pack for fitness

The first step is ensuring you pack all your essential fitness gear. While it increases your luggage it eliminates that initial excuse.

Exercise Absolutely Anywhere

Business trips are understandably not always orientated around the traveller’s personal health. You may find that your schedule is filled with meetings and you don’t have time to spare.

This does not mean that this time cannot be spent helping your wellbeing and fitness. ‘When your mind is engaged your body should be as well.’

A great way to stay fit during your working day is to incorporate stretches. Stress and tension is carried in your upper back and shoulders from sitting hunched over at a computer or on a plane.

Focusing on your posture is key and can be helped by incorporating gentle neck rolls, rounding your back, or twisting your upper torso. Standing up and stretching away from your desk is another exercise that will help release tension and stress.

Your accommodation is a great place to work out

The privacy of your accommodation offers opportunities for more elaborate exercises than stretching.

While hotels offer a small space in front of or beside your bed for stretches, your serviced apartment provides you with the perfect space for exercises of your choice.

From a studio to a three-bedroom apartment guests have between two and four times the space of a typical hotel room. Thus business travellers have the option to exercise in the comfort of your own accommodation rather than going to the hassle of joining a gym, especially if you’re only staying for a short amount of time.

Hit the Gym

We understand that it’s not always easy to join a gym while away on business, but exercising with others can be a very strong motivator.

While a lot of gyms out there have specific contracts there are a few that provide no contract policies or day/week passes (e.g. pure gym, easy gym). We understand that travelling to a gym is not always the easiest option and as a result, some of our serviced apartments are lucky enough to have internal gym and leisure facilities.

Maintaining a Well-Rounded Routine

A healthy lifestyle is clearly not just down to a good exercise routine.

A well-rounded routine and healthy diet will help you stay on track and achieve your fitness goals.

A good routine will make it easier to plan and prepare healthy meals for your week. While this is not always a viable option for everyone, our Partnership Programme offers exclusive discounts on local restaurants. Specifically, we are able to offer our guests discount on delivery for Cook Cardiff, a business that offers remarkable food for your freezer prepared by hand using the same methods and ingredients you would use at home.

Wake up earlier

Set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier and commit to a 15-minute morning workout. Then, when you return to your room at night, commit to a 15-minute workout before dinner or bedtime.

Find a good walking tour map

If intense exercise is not your cup of tea, it’s a good idea to look into walking tours.

This way you’re not only keeping yourself fit and healthy but also exploring your surroundings.

Whether staying in a completely new destination or familiar territory you never know what new sights you might discover when out for a walk. A Space in the City’s Concierge App offers guests and locals an insight into some great cultural and scenic walks.

The app is free to download to your phone so it’s a perfect way to stay fit if you’re watching those purse strings.