About Our Company

Established in 2005, A Space in the City has rapidly grown to become the largest serviced apartment company in Wales, with a portfolio offering a wider range of choice than that of any similar company, or indeed, any hotel.

Our mission is to offer services to its guests that are in line with the very best the industry has to offer, and aspires to be the most effective company of its kind within its area of operation.


A Space in the City has shared core values that all employees are guided by in our actions with customers, stakeholders and with our colleagues.

  • LOYAL to one another and those connected to our business.

  • CONSISTENT and dedicated in the delivery of excellence.

  • COMMITTED with ambition and the energy for success.

  • RESPECTFUL, open and appreciative …. with a generous dose of humour.

  • GENUINE, managing expectations with integrity and trust.


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